obama and sarcozy get mesmerized by Maya Tavares

Who is Maya TAVARES ?

As to Mayara Tavares, she is from the outskirts of Rio de Janero, Brazil and was participating in the J8 (Junior 8) summit portion of the G8 conference. In Brazil, she is a social and progressive activist, helping fight for the rights of children and adolescents in her community, especially those living in the infamous shantytowns of Rio de Janeiro. obama and sarcozy get mesmerized

US President Barack Obama and France’s Nicolas Sarkozy wait and watch as Mayara Tavares (described variously as 16 or 17 years old), a Brazilian junior delegate at the G8, takes her place for a group photo. The Net was soon buzzing with comments about the ‘ogle office’ and how the “red-blooded” US Prez who “channelled his inner Bill Clinton” and gazed at the “bootylicious Brazilian” may have spent too much time with Italian premier Silvio Berlusconi.

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