good time to change to solar heating

With energy prices on the rise its a good time to change to solar heating

WE LIVE IN ONE OF the world’s sunniest countries, so it makes sense that we should use solar power to do our bit to protect the environment, put a freeze on global warming and save money.

Save up to $4000 when you install a Modern Solar Hot Water system, plus you could save up to $700 a year off your electricity bill! TheGovernment is aiming to phase out electric water heaters and giving eligible households a generous $1,600 rebate for making the switch!


As solar water heaters are so good for the environment, governments at the Federal and State levels offer incentives and rebates to help you make the switch.


Save Up To $4,000 On Solar Hot Water

A staggering 70 per cent of energy use in Australian homes is for space heating and cooling (40%) and heating water (30%). Solar heating can dramatically reduce electricity usage, therefore reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

Converting your house can be easy and inexpensive – it just takes planning.


Federal Hot Water Rebate

The Australian Federal Government is helping Australian households install climate friendly water heaters. Non-means tested rebates of $1600 are available in eligible circumstances to install solar and heat pump hot water systems to replace electric storage hot water systems in existing privately owned homes.

The rebate is offered for systems installed on, or after 3rd February 2009 until June 2012, subject to the availability of funds.

This measure will mean households can save money and help fight global warming. Water heating is the largest single source of greenhouse gas emissions from the average Australian home, accounting for around 25% of home energy use (excluding the family car).

Eligible systems

To be eligible for the rebate, a hot water system must:

  • replace an electric storage hot water system
  • be purchased and installed on, or after 3 February 2009
  • be a solar or heat pump hot water system that is eligible for at least 20 Renewable Energy Certificates (RECs) at the time and place of installation
  • be installed by a suitably qualified person (for example a plumber and/or electrician).
Eligible households
  • The dwelling where the hot water system is installed must be a principal place of residence.
  • The household must not have already accessed the $1600 insulation offer under the Homeowner Insulation Program for the same home.

Further conditions and eligibility criteria apply. Please refer to the Federal Government Solar Hot Water Rebate Guidelines and Application Form brochure for full program details.

State & Local Government

A number of State and Local Governments offer rebates to help residents to switch to solar water heating in recognition of the environmental benefits.

Replace your electric water heater with Solar Hot Water and SAVE up to $4,000 in Government Rebates and RECS with Modern Solar.


WA Solar Hot Water Rebate

The Government of Western Australia is offering solar hot water rebates to householders who install environmentally friendly, gas-boosted solar water heaters.


Rebates are available for new, two or more panel, gas-boosted solar water heaters

Solar water heaters must be used for private residential purposes (excepting display homes and residential developments where special conditions apply)

Solar water heaters must be purchased and installed within the 12 months prior to a rebate application being received by the Sustainable Energy Development Office.

Rebates Value

$500 for natural gas-boosted solar water heaters

$700 for bottled LP gas-boosted solar water heaters used in areas without reticulated gas.

Full terms and conditions of the Solar Water Heater Subsidy Scheme are outlined in the scheme guidelines.

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