All you need to know about India PIO and OCI card before it expires

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Plan Ahead! – There is a change in government in #india and many things are getting changed!

last date for renewal

If you didn’t know then the PIO that you applied for a while ago, will be no more valid after 31st Dec 2017.

Yes the government has decided to end it and have just one card instead of two, the OCI will remain.

What is PIO CARD

Persons of Indian Origin Card (PIO Card) was a form of identification issued to a Person of Indian Origin who held a passport in a country other than Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Bhutan, China, Nepal, Pakistan and Sri Lanka. Basically you dont need to apply for visa to enter India with this card

What is OCI card ?

For the past several years, most persons of Indian origin who acquired their foreign citizenship are eligible to apply for either a PIO card or an OCI card. The PIO cardscheme was launched earlier than the OCI card scheme.

For those who have not got this , – The PIO and OCI both allowed most people with Indian heritage to skip the VISA queue, every time they visit India. It’s beneficial for those people if you have given up your Indian citizenship and taken up Australian citizenship.

If you have a new aus passport or renewed one taken after your PIO card, then you will have to endorse it with your new passport details. However as the PIO is officially been declared as being put to rest, you can’t even endorse your new pass port details onto your PIO card.


So what do you do!

The only option if get it transferred onto the OCI card , if you got a spare 4 to 5 weeks for the processing. If you don’t have that time and like travelling real soon – then your SCr***.

There is an option though – get an E-visa that takes 72 hours online for processing and it’s all done online. Yeahhhh!! No bungling paperwork ,tardy clerks etc.

Official link-

You will need passport photos, scans of your au passport. Etc. .. Get the check lists from VFS

Checklists here –

They charge you $50 which is not too bad!

You will need to fill in three pages of info for the online e-visa, including what was your dads name and where was he born etc, so be prepared. Rest is all generic data which you should know. If you don’t – god save you.

Important : If you start the evisa process and you can click and save or exit and come back. You will see a number at the top of the page ,when you click save and exit. Note that down and keep it – then when ready , go to this link –

And enter that saved number and just continue from where you left off in thee visa form. Takes away some of the frustration if you’re stuck.



Something is broken (invalid data error)

There’s no fun without a broken website and the Indian consulate knows this, that’s why they probably have not got this fixed for a long time. You fill in the e-visa two pages and click next and you get an error saying invalid data and you have to start again. Not good!

old bag flipping the bird

There is a discussion online on trip advisor that it is possibly the chrome browser or then the Internet explorer creating errors. But I found out that it was just me not putting in commas in the column where I said that I had visited USA, CANADA and Indonesia in the last 10 years

I put it in like this




But I was supposed to put in commas (like so – Indonesia,Canada,USA) as they had told me in the form (Argggh). Luckily that got fixed the 4th time I did the form. I wanted to throw something at somebody.

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Tune in for our next episode with Aadhar Cards

Can OCI holders get Aadhar card?
Aadhar cards are of all residents ,every individual above 15 years of age,including NRIs,and foreigners residing in INDIA can apply for Aadhar Card.
There is no online process by which and OCI and POI can apply for Aadhar card. They need to come to India and be present in the center physically.

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