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WA speed cameras – Money Grab or safety !!

WA has just  put into operation the  new red light cameras that double  up as speed cameras , which means  you could possibly be  trying to get through that amber lights before it changes  and if you do get through , you could still get lumped with a speeding fine for trying not to avoid […]

Tiger airways down / Tiger woods Up

Up and down they go . Though both of them are getting  even media attention “Tiger Airways” & “Tiger Woods” For both of them   its a downwards spiral  while tiger woods is getting a beating literally by his wife  and also by the hounding media  as would be expected  , tiger airways  is also getting  […]

Perth police put 12-year-old Boy for a stolen Freddo frog worth 70 cents in lock up

criminal charges laid against a 12-year-old alleged to have received a stolen Freddo frog worth 70 cents, the boy’s lawyer said today The,au quotes””It is clear that the back down has occurred because of this adverse media coverage and if it hadn’t of been for the adverse media coverage, they would have dug their […]

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