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good time to change to solar heating

With energy prices on the rise its a good time to change to solar heating WE LIVE IN ONE OF the world’s sunniest countries, so it makes sense that we should use solar power to do our bit to protect the environment, put a freeze on global warming and save money. – Save up to […]


THE ULTIMATE WEDDING PACKAGE   Win the ULTIMATE WEDDING PACKAGE valued at over $40,000*! For four weeks, The Sunday Times, Burswood and Channel 9 are giving one happy couple the chance to win their: Engagement Party Hens Night Bucks Night Rehearsal Dinner Linneys Jewellery Voucher Hob Nob Wedding Dress Poolside wedding ceremony Reception for up […]

Amnet doubles it Download limit for free

Amnet has just increased the allowance on our ADSL Broadband 2+ plans and i am stoked . When other Broadband companies are fleecing ya and increasing charges , here’s a company that is actually looking after ya. Amnet says “It’s all part of our efforts to provide you the best value broadband. That’s why you […]

The dancing wedding video still hitting the popularity charts and growing

The dance sequence opening the wedding ceremony of Kevin Heinz and Jill Peterson in St. Paul, Minnesota, has been viewed over five million times since it went up on YouTube less than a week ago. Kevin Heinz and Jill Peterson didn’t just walk down the aisle, they boogied, shimmied and jived  and danced their way  […]

Tsunami Alert australia

A tsunami alert has been issued for the coast of NSW and VIC Due to  the earthquake in New Zealand. UPDATE: A tsunami threat for the south-east Australian coast has passed without incident, following a 7.8 magnitude earthquake of the south-west coast of New Zealand. The earthquake struck off the south-west coast of New Zealand’s […]

Bell direct Stocks Map tool

Bell directs new map stock tool

obama and sarcozy get mesmerized by Maya Tavares

Who is Maya TAVARES ? As to Mayara Tavares, she is from the outskirts of Rio de Janero, Brazil and was participating in the J8 (Junior 8) summit portion of the G8 conference. In Brazil, she is a social and progressive activist, helping fight for the rights of children and adolescents in her community, especially […]

Blackberry Touch smartphone vs Apple Iphone 3g

The phone wars is on and these advertisements are pictured so slickly  with these 2  advertisements brought in togethere by blackberry and then in retaliation by apple iphone a even better response ad . The latest–and perhaps most notable–smartphone manufacturer to take on Apple’s iPhone in the touch screen arena is Research In Motion, maker […]

Michael Jackson 1958 -2009

Michael Jackson, from his days as part of The Jackson 5, poses for the camera in this undated handout photo MICHAEL JACKSON WILL Michael Jackson’s seven-year-old will has been filed in a Los Angeles court, giving his entire estate to a family trust and naming his mother as a beneficiary of the trust and the […]

Oz lotto Draw no # 802 RESULTS

OzLotto’s Web site is jammed by punters trying to avoid lengthy newsagent queues for a chance at tonight’s $90 million jackpot. Even today as we speak Oz lotto website is  having massive lag and refusing to load . Google could possibly blocking the search terms  considering it a spam attack as millions of people might […]