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Perth police put 12-year-old Boy for a stolen Freddo frog worth 70 cents in lock up

criminal charges laid against a 12-year-old alleged to have received a stolen Freddo frog worth 70 cents, the boy’s lawyer said today The,au quotes””It is clear that the back down has occurred because of this adverse media coverage and if it hadn’t of been for the adverse media coverage, they would have dug their […]

Pay for online Content !! Says rupert Murdoch

Are you kidding me!!  While there are more and more  Newspapers and websites dishing out free news  everyday  to stay in the competition ,  Today Rupert Murdoch  has announced  that he will start charging  people $$ to access News online !! While rupert murdoch has been on the money for so many years  and built […]

Today tonight Channel 7 westpac home rate blunder

Recently on  today tonight ( westpac had a program giving all the latest home rates for different mortgages  and they made  a massive blunder giving rates that were 3 months old for Westpac  home loan rates. People were  on the phone to Westpac immediately thinking it was true , but were disappointed to know it […]

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