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Australian story -The amazing life story of Dana Lim

Updated 15/07/2016 The people of Cambodia were subjected to an outrage as complete as any in human history. It was smaller in scale than those of Stalin, Hitler and Mao, but no less thorough in execution. I survived, and in fact my family was relatively lucky to mostly escape intact, if those words could ever […]

Stand up comedy – Anh Do The Happiest Refugee – Live!

You will laugh and cry  when you read “Anh Do’s bestselling book The Happiest Refugee” and wont put it down in  a hurry. Described by Russell Crowe as "the most surprising and inspiring read I have had in years. His new stand up comedy show mixes up comedy with real life stories, photos and filmed […]

The beach sports “Slam Festival” is here

As temperatures start to climb into the higher numbers , Its time to pack up  the drinks,. munchies, get into the car and head to the seaside !! Now there is a good reason to do it as well, Commit your Sunday to SLAM Festival, the biggest “beach volleyball event” this side of the equator! […]

Perth gets modern with NEW Coventry square markets in Morley

Today is the opening of the new Coventry square markets in Morley. Not all shops will be open today  but the markets are open  with many retailers  and restaurants open for business.”Coventry square” is located right across the already existing Morley galleria supermarket  and has just brought in competition to the neighbourhood. This is going […]

What is happening around you

Sometimes the Key to Good Health and Happiness is really what is happening Around You like Soccer in the park… Live music at the pub… An art exhibition down the road… your local school fete. This surely Could be the key to good health and happiness!!  Michael Dovey, the founder of local events website […]