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Upcoming concerts near you Perth, WA, Australia ANNA VISSI

Friday 03 October 2014 Anna Vissi (img from ticket master) HBF Stadium, Perth, WA, Australia   Άννα Βίσση & Αντώνης Ρέμος "LIVE" by Christos Nantis! From yutube – Anna Vissi & Antonis Remos "LIVE" (Fan Made – FULL Concert Η συνεργασία που θέλουν πολλοί, φέτος το χειμώνα θα γίνει πραγματικότητα! Η Άννα Βίσση θα εμφανιστεί […]

Let SMILE EXPO 2013 put a smile on your face

Smileexpo is coming to Perth and check out the details below supplied to us  by the people at smile expo WELCOME TO THE SMILEEXPO 2013 A unique event – never happened before in Australia or, as a matter of fact, in the whole world. People of WA should be proud of their medical, dental professionals […]

Technology , Apps , start ups and Investors

Start ups  and technology  innovations have been given a push start by local entrepreneurs in Australia  like Ruslan kogan  ( and Matt Barrie of ( ) by making a name  and running successful businesses in short period of time with minimum capital. Despite being the most isolated city in the world, Perth’s proximity […]

Chinese New Year of the snake 2013

Its 2013, an for Chinese in Perth  its “year of the snake”. Perth plays host to the Chinese New Year Festivals every year with its growing chinese population. Expect to be treated to a display of traditional Chinese culture over the next two weekends, with ceremonial dragon and lion dances taking place throughout Perth as […]

Stand up comedy – Anh Do The Happiest Refugee – Live!

You will laugh and cry  when you read “Anh Do’s bestselling book The Happiest Refugee” and wont put it down in  a hurry. Described by Russell Crowe as "the most surprising and inspiring read I have had in years. His new stand up comedy show mixes up comedy with real life stories, photos and filmed […]

Boot camp for budding entrepreneurs in Perth

The Perth chapter of the Founder Institute will be hosting a free Startup Ideation Bootcamp at Spacecubed co-working space (Rear Ground Floor, 45 St Georges Terrace, Perth). The event is completely free and open to anyone interested in entrepreneurship or starting a technology company. If you missed the first event on Jan 10th   then there’s […]

The circus is in town

We not talking about politicians over here … but the  real GO GO RETRO CIRCUS. What the event is about ? – Thousands of onsite retro lovers will take up their position behind unique stalls and sell. Their theme is Vintage  and vinyl  and a little bit old-school.. so I’m sure they will be many […]


POST EVENT REVIEW – PRANAMAM 2012 ( A TRIBUTE TO MOHD RAFI )   Pranamam 2012 Prequel to Pranamam 2002 I did not mind getting a silver ticket for $25 but would probably think  a gold ticket would be a bit pricey for the line up, that i didnt recognise even though they claimed is […]

Freemantle chilli festival

The Araluen’s Freemantle chilli festival is on  at Freemantle  esplanade Saturday March 10 , 11 to 5pm  and Sunday march 11th , 10 to 5pm. If you like your chillis you cant miss this one.  Better PACK you water bottle as it has been a scorcher today and surely will be tomorrow @40 % celcius […]

The beach sports “Slam Festival” is here

As temperatures start to climb into the higher numbers , Its time to pack up  the drinks,. munchies, get into the car and head to the seaside !! Now there is a good reason to do it as well, Commit your Sunday to SLAM Festival, the biggest “beach volleyball event” this side of the equator! […]

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