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Do you like Tuesdays ?

Tuesday I’m in love Unlike one of my favorite old classics “friday Im in love” I prefer to sing “tuesday Im in love”. i beg to differ from “the Cure – who sang friday im in love , only because  Tuesday’s has so much more to offer. Im sure many of you will vouch for […]

good time to change to solar heating

With energy prices on the rise its a good time to change to solar heating WE LIVE IN ONE OF the world’s sunniest countries, so it makes sense that we should use solar power to do our bit to protect the environment, put a freeze on global warming and save money. – Save up to […]

Thousand of dogs rescued from dinner plates

Reuters have just reported that thousand of dogs have just been rescued, which were heading for dinner plates in Vietnam VIDEO: Thai rescue takes dogs off menu

WA speed cameras – Money Grab or safety !!

WA speed cameras – Money Grab or safety !!

WA has just  put into operation the  new red light cameras that double  up as speed cameras , which means  you could possibly be  trying to get through that amber lights before it changes  and if you do get through , you could still get lumped with a speeding fine for trying not to avoid […]

New go daddy coupon codes for Domains

These are non-expiring GoDaddy coupon codes and they work for godaddy renewals also. Go to GoDaddy here to obtain your discount on domains, hosting and more.

What is happening around you

What is happening around you

Sometimes the Key to Good Health and Happiness is really what is happening Around You like Soccer in the park… Live music at the pub… An art exhibition down the road… your local school fete. This surely Could be the key to good health and happiness!!  Michael Dovey, the founder of local events website […]

Events  - Swan festival of lights

Events – Swan festival of lights

The “indian festival Deepavli” has just kick started  a festival near  the Perth esplanade Called “The Swan Festival of lights”. The festival will showcase multicultural dance and stage  shows and also feature stalls  selling Indian food (vegetarian) and ethnic wear. This is a good chance to get some nice Indian food and  free entertainment  for […]

The “best online betting offers” for Melbourne cup 2010

The “best online betting offers” for Melbourne cup 2010

Best Free bet offers and deals  – Upto $500 + Free bets   Melbourne carnival cup is near and most Online betting websites now offer fantastic new player “free bet bonuses and deals” for Melbourne cup betting to  encourage sign ups with their firm or online betting agency. Melbourne cup is here and it is […]

Perth House sold In “Nigerian scam”

Perth House sold In “Nigerian scam”

The scammers are getting  smarter and smarter. the most recent  scam to hit Perth  has hit ridiculous proportions with  a Perth man getting his house sold by scammers  somewhere in  Africa. The scammers managed to  sell the mans house using email and telephone  and conning a local real estate agent for a sum of $485,000. […]

Win a free  Apple Ipad !!

Win a free Apple Ipad !!

This groovy  latest gadget  that is not a laptop  nor a iphone but something conveniently  covering the middle ground , NOW can by YOURS  for FREE. Complete this survey to win! Take part in this survey about your social media habits and automatically go into the draw to win an Apple iPad. The survey should […]

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