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Do you like Tuesdays ?

Tuesday I’m in love Unlike one of my favorite old classics “friday Im in love” I prefer to sing “tuesday Im in love”. i beg to differ from “the Cure – who sang friday im in love , only because  Tuesday’s has so much more to offer. Im sure many of you will vouch for […]

Concentration camps comment by Kyle Sandilands is the last straw

Update : 09/04/2010 : –  Kyle Sandilands, the controversial radio host and TV presenter has been hired again by  TV channel in one of their shows Australia has got talent Old article One wonders How many mistakes one needs to do to be punished !! Kylie Sandilands has done it again !! weight loss and concentration camps After […]

Telstra removes Unpopular and unjust fees

From telstra website Payment Administration Fee “We have listened to customer feedback and have made a decision to stop charging the $2.20 administration fee for bill payments made through the mail or in person at a Telstra Shop or Australia Post. See the details of this announcement. We are currently implementing system changes to remove […]

Tiger airways down / Tiger woods Up

Up and down they go . Though both of them are getting  even media attention “Tiger Airways” & “Tiger Woods” For both of them   its a downwards spiral  while tiger woods is getting a beating literally by his wife  and also by the hounding media  as would be expected  , tiger airways  is also getting  […]

Save the camels In Australia

SAVE THE CAMELS IN AUSTRIALIA!   Australian authorities plan to GUN DOWN about 6,000 CAMELS with helicopters after they overran a small Outback town in search of water, trampling fences, smashing tanks and contaminating supplies. PLEASE HELP US STOP THE SLAUGHTERING OF THESE ANIMALS! THERE IS A BETTER WAY TO DEAL WITH THIS PROBLEM! NEWS: […]

Grab some cheap flights on Jetstar

Jetstar apparently is having a  massive weekend stock take sale  that Ends (23:59 AEDT) Sunday 13 December 2009.Its Called the Jetstar  Stock take sale . If you are going to plan a holiday for this year or next year sometime  its worth checking out and booking now to scor yourself a Cheap airfare ,, because […]

The chung wah Australia edition

Chinese Cultural Dance Performances and Classes Officail website : Chung Wah Dance was formed in 1980, with the objective of promoting and preserving Chinese culture not only within the Chung Wah Association but also in multicultural Australia. Performers are volunteers, they train every Saturday at the Association’s hall in James Street, Northbridge. Any fees […]

Your chance to become a Perth TV Newsreader

Grab this chance while you can !! Become a Perth News reader If you have a strong opinion on all topics affecting West Australians, then this role will be perfect for you.  If you got the guts  and not afraid of the Glory  this is for you. If you have the skills  and   want to […]

Yahooo !! wake up

Here is snapshot below i took today ( 19/11/2009)of the yahoo Australian finance section Wow  I just saw that third headline  and was stunned for 2 reasons!! First Shocked that we had  a rate rise so soon.. now thats absurd !! Next even more (2nd reason ) Amazed   when i realized its old stale news […]

Double whammy On Shocking Melbourne cup day

Winner melbourne cup 2009