Chinese airline get Hostesses dressed up as hot maids

"Here you go, sir! We’re mixing up our flights with some fun on-board themes – like these maid and butler costumes."

These airhostesses got a spring in their step

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Low-cost carrier Spring Airlines plans to dress its crew as maids and butlers. In  a attractive twist  the airline customers will get served by good looking maids an butlers in the ever-growing  competitive  airline sector of china

Dwindling demand for domestic travel, intensifying local competition and higher fuel prices are threatening the profitability of the country’s airline industry, say analysts

The low cost airline is based in shanghai. Many  western commenters have complained about  Objectifying flight attendants but the local population has welcomed the move  with the company getting heaps of feedback from their clientele on facebook

Comments on Facebook also referred to health and safety concern’s  not for customers but for the staff  from their racy apparel of  short skirts, high heels and loose hair.

Growth in Chinese domestic travel is set to rise just 12 percent year on year in 2012, according to Xu, compared with a rise of 20 percent last year. "Spring Airlines plans to launch several themed flights to attract passengers this year and the maid costume flights will be the first," the spokesman said.

Here is the website for  the airline –

Their Facebook page  -

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Spring Airlines (Chinese: 春秋航空; pinyin: Chūnqiū Hángkōng; abbreviated 春航) is a budget airline with its headquarters in the Homeyo Hotel (航友宾馆 Hángyǒu Bīnguǎn) in Changning District, Shanghai, China. While the company adopted the English name "Spring Airlines", the Chinese characters literally mean "Spring and Autumn Airlines".

To keep operating costs low, Spring sells tickets exclusively from its website (and some designated ticket offices), bypassing travel agents. Spring no longer offers complimentary on-board meals nor complimentary water; however passengers are able to purchase meals and beverages on board. In December 2006, the airline offered a 1-yuan promotional price which caused trouble with government officials

other chinese airlines

Air China Limited literally "China International Airlines Company", abbreviated 国航) is the flag carrier and one of the major airlines of the People’s Republic of China, with its headquarters in Shunyi District, Beijing.

China Southern Airlines Co. Ltd. (ZNH) -NYSE
China Eastern Airlines Corp. Ltd. (CEA) –

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