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WA , Perth is fast becoming one of the more popular  tourist destinations in competition to the eastern states. And there are heaps of tourists coming in to soak in the good sunshine and beaches of our golden state.

Backpacker jobs In WA Perth and Australia

Backpackers motels and hotels  are also  in rapid growth. Tourist looking for backpacker jobs is a regular  activity over here. And you can find many backpacker holiday  services also offering  backpacker jobs or then knowing where the backpackers can get jobs in WA.  The farms  and the wineries during the grape season and harvesting season are one of the big employers  for backpacker jobs, but increasingly now many backpackers can also access temp jobs for laboring  in the city or then Fruit picking in the farms.

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Where to find jobs for backpackers ?

Australia always needs  fruit pickers. It is hard work and you are normally paid by volume but can be by the hour or week. Tree picking uses ladders and ground picking means lots of bending over which can be hard on the back. The National Harvest Labour Information telephone line is good place to start looking for work 1800 062 332.

This isn’t as glorious and romantic as you might think. Picking fruit and vegetables is absolutely backbreaking work, and not for the light-hearted. Additionally, the money really isn’t that good unless you’re willing to put in a full day of extremely hard labor. It’s also important to remember that this is Australia, and that there isn’t any air conditioning to be had while you’re working in the field.

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If you are searching for a job while you are backpacking Australia or looking for information about working in Australia. This section provides information on recruitment agencies that specialize in jobs for backpackers, job search websites, the requirements for working in Australia and fruit picking and harvesting information.

Popular jobs that backpackers often Get easily

Bar Work ( barmaids , waiters )

Fruit Pickers at harvest time


Call centre

In addition here are some websites  that people look for regular jobs in australia , but at times there are also temporary jobs listed here that can be  available to backpackers.

Seek Australia
Career One
My Career

Work in Cairns

Jobsearch Australia

Extra information for backpackers

Like everywhere else you have to pay tax. The good news is that you can get some it back after you leave. The Australian Taxation Office (ATO) website provides information  about backpackers and their eligibility to work. Normally most backpackers would need to get a Tax File Number ( TFN)  before working  for a employer.

Australian Tax office website

The Australian currency is decimal. Notes come in $100, $50, $20, $10 and $5. Coins are $2, $1, 50 cents, 20 cents, 10 cents and 5 cents .Use the currency convertor to convert Australian dollars to another currency, or to convert another currency to Australian dollars. Travellers cheques are a convenient way of carrying money in Australia. These can be easily exchanged at money exchange bureaus, banks, large hotels and major department stores.
ATMs(Automatic Teller Machines)
are very common in Australia and can be found in most towns and all cities around the country. Click here to find the closest ATM to your location.Two companies that can allow you to transfer money between Australia and other countries are Western Union and TNT Forex.

The main banks in Australia are:

  • Commonwealth Bank
  • Westpac Bank
  • ANZ Bank
  • National Bank
  • St George Bank

Working holiday visas

Australia visa rules do change at short notice and you should check with the Australian Embassy but at the moment the situation is that working holiday visas are available for citizens from the USA, UK, Belgium, Canada, Cyprus, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Hong Kong, Ireland, Italy, Japan, Korea, Malta, Cyprus, Taiwan and Hong Kong. The visa is given to eligible passport holders aged between 18 – 35 and do not have depended children.

More  about working holiday visas at this website – >

Backpackers often gain employment in pearling. Pearling is a booming industry making a significant contribution to the Australian economy of around $120 million each year, and is also a favoured industry for backpackers working and travelling around Australia

Western Australia

Broome, Western Australian is a favourite destination for backpackers looking for pearling work. It is a top tourist destination and has superb weather around the peak harvest time – around 30 degrees Celsius during the day and 18 degrees Celsius at night. It also produces some of the best pearls in the world. Casual work can be picked up all year round but the busiest season is the harvest season from April/May through to September/October when most places double their amount of staff (most of which are backpackers). The pay ranges from $120 to $145 a day. Different pearling companies have different rates and rosters, so the frequency of work varies.

Backpackers accommodation Places

About Britannia on William in Perth WA.Britannia on William has beds from $24 and is only 200 metres from Perth city centre.Its a beautiful old building

253 William Street,
Northbridge 6003, 6003, Perth

britania  perth backpackers



79-81 Aberdeen Street Northbridge, WA 6000


Google maps is a good source for getting information and addreses for local backpackers  places , check the google map links below  for city’s in  australia

Backpacker places  in sydney in Google maps

Backpacker places  in Perth WA in Google maps

Backpacker places  in Adeliade in Google maps

Backpacker places  in Melbourne in Google maps

Backpacker exploitation?

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