Perth police put 12-year-old Boy for a stolen Freddo frog worth 70 cents in lock up

criminal charges laid against a 12-year-old alleged to have received a stolen Freddo frog worth 70 cents, the boy’s lawyer said today

The,au quotes””It is clear that the back down has occurred because of this adverse media coverage and if it hadn’t of been for the adverse media coverage, they would have dug their heels in and proceeded with the prosecution.which would have been a monumental waste of resources.”

Peter Collins, the director of legal services with the Aboriginal Legal Service, warned that the boy’s case was not an isolated incident and indigenous children were being over-policed in WA.

A spokesman for Mr O’Callaghan confirmed this morning that two charges of receiving stolen property, the second relating to a novelty sign, would be withdrawn on the condition that the boy agreed to have the matter referred to a juvenile justice team.

Mr Collins said he would be pushing for police to issue a caution against the boy, rather than a referral to a juvenile justice team, after Police Commissioner Karl O’Callaghan announced police would offer to withdraw the criminal prosecution on two charges of receiving stolen property. The second charge related to a novelty sign.

“This is not an isolated incident. This is the thin edge of the wedge, this happens all the time. Aboriginal kids are being charged with really trivial offences which shouldn’t be the subject of criminal prosecutions and which should be the subject of diversion processes.

“They are routinely being hauled before the courts. What is means is the dye is cast very young for Aboriginal kids.”

Attorney-General Christian Porter said the boy’s case was unusual and the move to drop the charges appeared to be a “good decision”.

Perth police  station

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