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I was Pumped , hungry and excited  to be heading to Rock pool Bar and Grill located at the Burswood Casino in Perth WA for a Special Bday celebration with my other half , unfortunately for me  and my partner the experience  was not so pleasant. published Aug 15, 2011

Restaurant reviews Perth Rockpool bar and grill

Having seen Master chef Neil Perry in cooking shows on television, we certainly were looking forward to a great experience  visiting one of his restaurant chains “ROCKKPOOL BAR & GRILL”. The Long Passageway does definitely impress as soon as you push the big wooden door and enter  the restaurant from the Burswood Hotel reception area and so does  the interiors which definitely has a posh look.

Rockpool neil perry restaurant perth

But That was the only good things ( or memory) that  we came back with , unfortunately for us everything else was poor, the service and the  food. For our starters after mulling over the menu and the chili mussels and fried  calamari , we settled to get the traditional garlic prawns  and the sautéed mixed mushrooms ( which is actually is a side ) as  the starters. The sautéed mixed mushrooms were the best dish we tasted over here , even though  it  was a bit annoying that the waiter sounded reluctant to bring  in the mixed mushrooms as a starter and so we settled to get it  later with the mains. The garlic prawns were good , but i have tasted better and bigger garlic prawns at one of the other local restaurant i visit in perth called “DA VINCI” in north Perth.

The mains was the hard part  to decide  after  pondering over the good selection of steaks, Pasta and seafood we decided to go with lamb lion chops with mint jelly $ 38 & WOOD FIRED VEAL CUTLET . About a good 30 minutes later  while we were enjoying our starters and cocktails. the waiters arrived with  the Veal Cutlet and  told my other half  that her lamb lion cutlet was ready and placed it on her table. My other half then got sus and asked what my order was  and the waiter said that my order was also a veal cutlet. My partner repeated what we had ordered  and they suddenly looked a bit confused and  said they will reconfirm  what was ordered.

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They came back in a minute and said they were sorry , but a wrong order was placed and both of them were veal cutlets , the head waiter came and informed us  that he was sorry and they were out of lamb lion chops and would she like to  order something else  and they would make it up to her with some complimentary dessert. Given that my veal cutlet had already arrived and we  possibly were looking at another long wait  for her new order to arrive ( being hungry as well by now) , she reluctantly agreed to have the veal cutlet.

That’s where my luck ran out now, luckily enough  the veal cutlet for my partner was rated “just ok” by her , but i got a veal cutlet that was totally burnt , I thought that i might be able to get some good parts in the veal cutlet .. but the burned charred meat ruined the whole flavor in my mouth  and i did not even go through the whole veal cutlet. I tried to hide my displeasure  as it after all was my partners birthday today  and didn’t want the day to get ruined.

I got my usual coffee for dessert  and my the waiter bought a small little cupcake ( to add insult to injury) as a complimentary dessert for her. I decided i rather drown in a pool than come back to this rockpool for a dinner.If any of you are looking for a good fine dining restaurant i would recommend “The Zafferanos” anyday  its good value for money and just a bit more friendly on you wallet  and still the best gourmet food ever with million dollar sea views.

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