Mining Vs locals –Rosebery Tasmania and the metal poisoning story

The small mining town of Rosebery on Tasmania’s west coast is divided over the plans by some residents to sue the local mine owner. Ten residents say they have poisoned by the mine’s heavy metals

Rosebery Tasmania Vs Minmetals

Rosebery owes its existence to the Minmetals minning company, which produces zinc, lead, copper, silver and gold, but 10 residents say they have been poisoned by the mine’s heavy metals. The mine is the town’s main employer and claims that it is poisoning locals has angered a much bigger group of Rosebery residents.


In November last year, two women from the mining town of Rosebery in the hills of western Tasmania hit local media headlines with a call for an investigation into the presence of heavy metals in the water around their homes.


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They got their investigation, but now they have rejected the findings of a Tasmanian Department of Health and Human Services toxicology investigation into the presence of heavy metals in their town and health problems experienced by locals, saying the DHHS failed to conduct adequate testing of humans and ground water in their research.

Metal poisoning issues vs Jobs

Locals say they have suffered a range of symptoms including dizziness and hair loss from heavy metals that have seeped onto their properties.

Rosebery tasmania Metal poisining

Local woman Jo Powell was so concerned at the claims she set up an online website called Rosebery is not Contaminated.

FELICITY OGILVIE: Four-hundred people have already joined her Facebook page. But Jo Powell says some of the comments posted have been so offensive she’s had to remove them.

Testing for the presence of heavy metals and their effect on residents is not unusual in Australia. In 2007, residents of the West Australian town of Esperance were poisoned by lead carbonate dust being transported from a mine in Wiluna to the Port of Esperance for bulk loading.

Unlike Rosebery, in Esperance ground water was not an issue, but soil, marine sediment and air testing was undertaken by the West Australian government as well as isotopic fingerprinting linking the lead found in humans to that of the Wiluna mine.



  1. [PDF]
    Media Release 10 November 2009 Taskforce Warns Rosebery Residents

    File Format: PDF/Adobe Acrobat – Quick View
    10 Nov 2009 contamination in Rosebery several residents from Rosebery have the Final Report in April this year this information has not been

  2. [PDF]
    Investigation into Concerns Regarding Seepage Water in a Rosebery

    File Format: PDF/Adobe Acrobat – Quick View
    2 Apr 2009 Other sources of contamination such as contamination from sewage or the wider Rosebery area; o The investigation did not identify any

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  1. Kay Seltitzas says:

    As one of the affected residents I would like to point out that we have never attacked the residents of Rosebery. Our intention over the past 18 months has always been to discover where the metals were coming from, and to get help fixing the problems. We have been threatened, humiliated and lambasted. This will not prevent us from continuing in this fight. I truly hope it does turn out to be a “cluster” as the Government has started calling it. Those who believe we should have kept quiet ask yourselves this “What if it was you or your family? Would you have kept quiet and endangered the entire community in the future?”

    Kay Seltitzas

  2. Jodi Chalmers says:

    Dear Kay, I have investigated widley and found many reports with relation to Rosebery and the poisioning of the locals. Where else in Australia do you have this kind of “cluster”???? In my opinion, the people of Tasmania as whole don’t want the rest of the country knowing what it is up to, what is really rotten, what really should never happen and certainly wouldn’t happen in other states of Australia. I am continually shocked by what I find and I don’t live in your state, I simply have two children aged 9yrs and 12yrs that have been illegally detained in your town by two of your locals who are not what they seem. I will be using much of what I find with regard to poisioning that is prevalant in your town, in court as part, albeit a small focus, but none the less an important focus of my case to get my children out of your town that has proven to be a health hazard at the least.

    • Jessia Littler says:

      Jodi Chalmers, oh how you will find any excuse, So your children will die of metal poisoning will they?.
      Stop wasting your time with silly little things and put your time into the real facts.

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