What is happening around you

Sometimes the Key to Good Health and Happiness is really what is happening Around You like
Soccer in the park… Live music at the pub… An art exhibition down the road… your local school fete.

This surely Could be the key to good health and happiness!!  Michael Dovey, the founder of local events website
www.aroundYou.com.au definitely thinks so. “Participating in social activities not only helps to generate a sense of belonging to the community, but it is also important for your health and happiness.

Launch of around You

www.AroundYou.com.au is a new website that details over 17,000 local events and activities right around
Australia. All you have to do is enter your postcode and you will find concerts, art exhibitions, sporting events,
fundraisers, book clubs, kid’s events, theatre performances and more.

around you website  australia

“We know from studies carried out by the National Heart Foundation that being socially isolated is a significant
risk factor for heart disease and increased mortality and that it is of equal significance to the higher profile risk
factors such as smoking and obesity.

Around You helps people easily find ‘things to do’ in their local area. This is something that other websites, event guides and search engines have struggled to do well in the past. The website strives to make it easy for people to be able to get out there and get active doing something that they enjoy. This could be going to see a live gig at the pub or it could be taking up art classes at your local community college.

AroundYou is the largest compilation of local event and activity information in Australia and its social impact
was recently recognised by The Australian Centre For Social Innovation, where AroundYou was announced as a
winner in the ‘Bold Ideas. Better Lives’ challenge by the Premier of South Australia, Mike Rann. AroundYou will
now share in a prize pool of $1 million, to be split amongst the eight winners.

Around You has three principal aims:

1. Empower people with knowledge about what’s on in their local area.
2. Make it easier for people to ‘connect’ with each other in the real world.
3. Provide accurate, reliable and up to date information for all areas of Australia.

You can go visit  and take part in this innovative new  launch over here  at www.aroundyou.com.au

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