Today tonight Channel 7 westpac home rate blunder

Recently on  today tonight ( westpac had a program giving all the latest home rates for different mortgages  and they made  a massive blunder giving rates that were 3 months old for Westpac  home loan rates.

People were  on the phone to Westpac immediately thinking it was true , but were disappointed to know it was  just a mistake by today tonight yet again and they were led on a wild goose chase by today tonight . i am sure they might have been many  pissed off people because of this misinformation

There doesn’t seem to be any article existing on this today tonight link anymore

even still, you can catch a glimpse of the rates they published here


This reminds we  about another episode of the watch room on today tonight they showed,  in which they said that  the identity of people are protected due to privacy reasons , though they showed one guy on the show ( who was apparently related to some footballer ) and it was kinds quite obivious  that he was the same guy whom they showed before without blocking the face.

After saying the identity was protected . it surely didn’t look like it was.

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