The taser death toll continues in australia

The taser gun ( also known as stun gun ) has always been in  controversy in different countries over deaths caused by it. Inspite of this  many  countries still are using these guns. The latest fatality is  a  warburton man from regional wa , who was engulfed in fire when he was  shot by the taser gun.

"Tasers have proven to be a lethal weapon in the past and, if used at all, they should only be handled by specialist police (not general duty officers) and as a last resort," he said.

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On Monday, a 36-year-old man in the remote WA community ran at police with a fuel container and cigarette lighter before he was Tasered by one of the two police officers.

He then caught fire and one of the officers tried to quell the flames with his bare hands.

The Warburton man was airlifted to a Perth hospital, where he remains in a critical condition with serious burns injuries.

An investigation into whether the Taser gun or the cigarette lighter was the cause of the flames is continuing.

Stun guns


"What concerns me greatly is that we are increasingly hearing about more cases where the use of a Taser stun gun has resulted in a fatality," ALS chief executive officer Dennis Eggington said.

In disturbing news “

"(The number of Tasers) could be doubled for all front line operational police officers throughout the state," Mr Armstrong said, adding it would be "fantastic" if police could eventually have about 3500 stun guns at their disposal.”

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