internet Break down at Christmas & new year

Right bang in the middle of my Christmas  & new year break  My internet connection gets shaped because i have run out of  my internet alotted quota , now we all know what a pain that can be when you are used to a fast broadband  connection. I was really pissed Until i got a email from Amnet saying that  i could buy a small additional allowance package to  get my usual speed back up until it resets  a couple of days later from next billing cycle. I grabbed the offer  considering i would be more at home during this Christmas break and would use the internet more and also considering it was just $10.

amnet broadband

I also  like to go with the underdog in the industry, often  the leaders in the pack being too big   loose sight of their customers  and start to provide shoddy service. Amnet is  still a growing company  and i still get a tech guy on the phone quite quick who speaks to me quite friendly and is willing to go the extra bit to solve my problem on that rare occasion that i need to call them.

Additional Allowance Purchase package

I found this package quite useful in these  times of need , here is what amnet has to say about their package

“At Amnet we understand that your usage can fluctuate, like when the kids are on holiday, that’s why we designed the Additional Allowance Purchase tool. Using the Additional Allowance Purchase tool you can now purchase an additional amount of download allowance should you exceed your quota.”

Standard Package – Additional Allowance Purchase

Price $10.00
Peak Basic 1GB
Off-Peak Basic 1.5GB
Peak Peering 2GB
Off-Peak Peering 3GB

I am a pretty pleased customer of am net  and definitely recommend their services. In fact they have started this new refer a friend service , you can get $50  off you first invoice and  I will get the same of my bill as well. So if you are planning to get  a new  internet service provider or just change from current one, send me a email at
immediately and i will send you the $50  Discount invitation.

Just to give you an idea of their current plans  here is a snapshot of the plan that i am using

My Current Amnet Broadband  Plan Details

Plan name:
Broadband 2+ 10G/30G – $59.00

Peak Basic:
10 GB

Off-Peak Basic:
30 GB

Peak Peering:
20 GB

Off-Peak Peering:
60 GB


for the last three years running Amnet has been ranked amongst the top 5 ISPs in the country. Voted number 5 in 2007, number 3 in 2008 and this year we were voted number 2 and awarded the highly commended ranking in PC Authority Magazine’s Best Tech Awards. We were given a six star rating for Customer Support, Service Reliability and Value For Money. This placed Amnet ahead of many other providers like Internode, iiNet, AAPT, TPG, Bigpond, Optus and many more.

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