Your chance to become a Perth TV Newsreader

Grab this chance while you can !! Become a Perth News reader

If you have a strong opinion on all topics affecting West Australians, then this role will be perfect for you.  If you got the guts  and not afraid of the Glory  this is for you. If you have the skills  and   want to be famous this is for you.

During the months of October and November, PerthNow will be recruiting unique WA talent and giving everyone a chance to become the next PerthNow newsreader on TV.

Become a PerthNow newsreader on TV – Submit your 25 second video here.

perth Newsreader jobs for tv

Conditions and Requirements for the News reader Job

To enter, simply pick a news topic that affects West Australians (can be serious or light-hearted) and give us your spin on the topic. Select anything from local politics, sport, entertainment, business news – anything you want. Your entry can be any digital video format including webcam. The maximum file size is 20 Mb and acceptable formats include .avi, .mpg, mpeg, .wmv.

The video only needs to be about 25-30 seconds in length, but we won’t penalise you if you go over time. However, up to a minute is definitely all we will be watching, so make sure your video submission doesn’t run over a minute.

The deadline for video submissions has now been extended. Applications close at noon on Monday 30 November 2009.


Congratulations to who have been selected as a PerthNow newsreader and have already appeared on TV as below:

Week 1: Kate MacPherson
Week 2: Fiona Cornelisse
Week 3: Joshua Tan
Week 4: Gemma Walsh

Here are some Videos of the people already famous on TV

Newsreaders wanted!

PethNow hit the streets to recruit with some fairly interesting results.

PerthNow Newsreaders Wanted!

Think you can do a better job reading the news than Nathan from Nova 93.7? Submit your video today!

Cottesloe Beach set for upgrade

Have your say WA: Is this money well spent?

Managing asylum-seekers

Have your say WA, Is Kevin Rudd doing a “bad job” on managing asylum-seekers?

Newsreader winner: Northbridge piazza

Fiona Cornelisse is our PerthNow news reader this week

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