Yahooo !! wake up

Here is snapshot below i took today ( 19/11/2009)of the yahoo Australian finance section

yahoo finance snap shot on 19 Nov man this is old

Wow  I just saw that third headline  and was stunned for 2 reasons!!

    • First Shocked that we had  a rate rise so soon.. now thats absurd !!

Next even more (2nd reason ) Amazed   when i realized its old stale news and that yahoo has it right  on the front page  of its financé section making people believe the obvious  from what it seems to be.

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  1. groupjpm says:


    Australia is heading a massive credit crisis of $50 billion AUD in commercial lending maturing in 2010. They won’t be able to tap the international markets as overseas Europe has $350 billion in commercial lending coming up for maturity and the US has mortgage resets of over $225 billion this credit crisis is far from over. Check out for more information.

    JPM Investment Group

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