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Sunnyside North Beach in Mount Eliza looks like any stretch of coastline along the Mornington Peninsula, but the sand and water here attract a special class of beach-goer.Australians have long had a reputation as larrikins. But mention the words “nudist beaches” and it seems most of us are more than a little prudish.


Head north-east from the car park and follow the sand as it curves to the right, walking over the rocks or along a narrow-beaten path etched into the neighbouring dunes, and you’ll start to notice a few differences.

First-timers might find it strange here, even confronting, but the atmosphere is relaxed. The words “letting it all hang out” come to mind.

Sunnyside North is one of four official nude beaches in Melbourne, where visitors are legally entitled to grace the sand wearing nothing but their birthday suits

For more than 30 years, nudists have been getting their gear off around Melbourne and even in Sydney and WA.

Nakedness and liberation is an association widely echoed within the nudist community, but self-empowerment tends to mean little to those who campaign against public nudity. Pro-nude organisations such as Free Beaches Australia Incorporated claim their shores are constantly under threat from the nudity naysayers: councils, property developers and religious lobbyers

“It attracts people from all walks of life and from all age groups,” she says. “For me being a nudist is about the freedom to be able to be myself (and) to be happy with my body to the point where I don’t feel I have to hide it.”

Here’s a guide to the best clothes-free beaches

Where are the Nudist beaches ?

There are four official nude, or “clothing optional”,

beaches in Victoria:

Sunnyside North (Mount Eliza),

Campbell’s Cove (Werribee South),

Point Impossible (Torquay)

South Side (Torquay).

Unofficial nude beaches also exist in Hastings and East Gippsland.


North Swanbourne in Western Australia

(Which is about 20 minutes out of Perth. Every year North Swanbourne holds a summer sports carnival where in-the-buff participants grace the sand to compete in events such as Best Bum, Pass the Bucket and Four-Legged Race)


Samurai Beach in Port Stephens, NSW, also hosts an annual competition (the “Nude Olympics”) and features Australia’s only legal nude campsite.

Guidelines for etiquette on nude beaches

  • respect the privacy of others( dont stare)
  • respect the property of others (chairs)
  • no overt sexual activity


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