Concentration camps comment by Kyle Sandilands is the last straw

Update : 09/04/2010 : –  Kyle Sandilands, the controversial radio host and TV presenter has been hired again by  TV channel in one of their shows Australia has got talent

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One wonders How many mistakes one needs to do to be punished !! Kylie Sandilands has done it again !!

weight loss and concentration camps

After a gross blunder done by him last time on radio .. the guy never learns  and has gone ahead to do something  wrongs all over again!!

Did he need to get the second chance  in the first place is the question to be asked ?

The radio career of FM boor Kyle Sandilands is now in severe doubt after his second suspension by 2Day FM within two months.

kyle sandilands magda szubanski

2Day FM believes the comments made by Kyle were unacceptable and sincerely apologizes and regrets any offence they caused.” Sandilands is currently broadcasting from Los Angeles.

Magda Szubanksi could be skinny if in concentration camp- says kylie sandilands

The comment  that sparked controversy this time is “put her in a concentration camp and watch the weight fall off.”

Sandilands and his co-host, Jackie O’Neil Henderson, had only recently returned to the air after a two-week ”recess” imposed by Austereo when a 14-year-old girl, who was hooked up to a lie detector on their program, revealed she had been raped when she was 12.

Gallery: Kylie and Jackie O

Apparently all this news has also been creating a stir on online  portal Twitter.

The pair’s banter on the online messaging site turned bitter on Sunday night as they took pot shots at each other over the ratings of their TV and radio shows.

Hughes at one stage called Sandilands a “deranged loon” and “dim” while Sandilands suggested that Hughes eat a certain unpalatable part of his (Sandilands’) body.

Check out Twitter -> with Perth Asian

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Kyle Sandilands

We all saw it coming and  justice was done when  the news splashed all over

“Ten sacks Sandilands” . Public personalities and clebrities have to show more responsibilty  doing thier jobs specially when they are interacting with public. Its no excuse for a person to behave badly  whetehr in public or even in personal life.

They are some lines you don’t cross and unfortunately some people have to learn it the hard way.

Channel Ten has dumped radio shock jock Kyle Sandilands as a judge on its music talent program Australian Idol.

The network’s decision follows outrage over an on-air incident last week when a 14-year-old girl was strapped to a lie detector and asked about her sexual history on 2Day FM’s Kyle and Jackie O show.

The girl revealed she had been raped when she was 12.

Kyle Sandilands and Jackie O deny the segment was set up.

Read what happened on the show over  here :

Ten programming boss David Mott added: “Obviously culminating with events of last week, we have made the decision that Kyle will no longer be a judge on Australian Idol.

ENOUGH ROPE with Andrew Denton – episode 146: Kyle Sandilands (03 .

3 Sep 2007 . Kyle Sandilands won a lot of awards last year – Who Weekly Most Hated man FHM Tosser of the Year Fugly Awards Worst Male Personality on TV .

“Australian Idol is very much a family program and its appeal is very much right across the board and we’d like to think that all families can enjoy the program in front of the TV.”

Read what others on the internet have to say about him !!

Kyle Sandilands’s Wedding – Who

Shock jock and Australian Idol judge Kyle Sandilands threw his longterm love
Tamara Jaber a wedding of epic proportions.

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